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    Posted By system
    (on 01/30/2002 @ 14:55)
    New File posted (AX84 P1):
    Description :Nick Greer's P1 outside
    Posted By system
    (on 01/30/2002 @ 14:54)
    New File posted (AX84 P1):
    Description :Nick Greer's P1 innards
    Posted By system
    (on 01/30/2002 @ 14:53)
    New File posted (AX84 P1):
    Description :Some P1 Audio from Nick Greer
    Posted By system
    (on 01/30/2002 @ 14:49)
    New File posted (November):
    Description :A 6v6 Take on the November idea from Mark Huss
    Posted By system
    (on 10/26/2001 @ 20:15)
    New File posted (AX84 P1):
    Description :Chris built something similar to Winnie's Clean P1 variant for a gent with a 6l6. This was recorded by the condenser mic in a Zoom PS-02 with reverb added at that point.

    AX84 Projects

    This section contains the current AX84 Projects. If you have an interest in a project which is not listed, please feel free to post a message to the discussion forum and see if there is any interest. We welcome new projects, especially when accompanied by an energetic "product manager" who can help usher it to completion.

    AX84 P1 - A great first tube amp project with surprisingly good tone.

    Skill Level: beginner --- Status: Ready to Build.
    California Dreamer - Go for that blackface tone

    Skill Level: Intermediate --- Status: Design and Prototyping
    Chihuahua - A ferocious little beast (not thoroughly tested)

    Skill Level: intermediate --- Status: ready for testing
    Headphone Amp - Mark Amundson's headphone practice amplifier uses readily available parts and low voltages.

    Status: Ready to Build
    High-Octane - A simple tube power amp combined with a great hi-gain preamp.

    Skill Level: intermediate --- Status: Ready to Build.
    Lowatt - Capture the H*watt tone without the excess volume.

    Skill Level: Experienced --- Status: Design and Prototyping
    Moonlight - Cranked amp tone at less than one watt!

    Skill Level: intermediate --- Status: Ready to Build.
    November - Capture the tone of a classic "plexi" head, without the ear crushing volume.

    Skill Level: experienced --- Status: Ready to Build
    Rail Rocket - Modular workhorse amp with cranked or clean tone at any volume, reverb, tremelo and more. (Soon to be replaced)

    Skill Level: experienced/advanced --- Status: Ready for test-building
    Renegade - Combine a Hot Channel-Switching Preamp with a Push-Pull EL34 Output Stage!

    Skill Level: Experienced --- Status: Successfully Prototyped.
    Tone Brewery - The platform for modular tube amp experimentation

    Skill Level: Intermediate --- Status: Ready for semi-experienced builders.
    Tube Fuzz/Wah - Eric Barbour (of Svetlana) presents an all-tube fuzz/wah pedal design

    Status: Ready to Build
    Voxy Lady - Combines v*x-like amps to make a chimey rocker reported to be quite a tonal blast!

    Skill Level: intermediate --- Status: nearly 100% build-ready

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