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  • Voxy Lady Project News
    Posted By system
    (on 09/26/2000 @ 11:46)
    New File posted (Voxy Lady):
    Description :Initial Release version of the Voxy Lady Schematic

    Voxy Lady


    The Voxy Lady is an amp designed by Bruce Collins of Mission Amps. While it was intended to test some ideas for a commercial amp, it turned out to be a blast in its own right.

    This amp has a chimey character in its clean to moderate gain settings...


  • Combines elements of the Berkely and Cambridge amps
  • Relatively straightforward design
  • Unique mid slope control
  • Features 12ax7 preamp tubes and EL84 Output Tubes
  • Class AB1 Output Section for ~18 Watts of Output

    Skill Level: intermediate --- Status: nearly 100% build-ready
    Main Schematics:
    SCHEMATIC- Initial Release version of the Voxy Lady Schematic
    Variation Schematics:
    Links: Check out Steve Milberger's Site which includes some Voxy Lady pics and info from his work with Bruce on a lite-prototype
    House of Jim- Has board layouts on lots of AX84 Projects and more

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