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  • Tone Brewery Project News
    Posted By Chris Hurley
    (on 06/29/2001 @ 23:55)
    Fixed the bonehead goofups in the tonebrewery page that were hiding most of the information. :(

    Tone Brewery


    The Tone Brewery is a modular platform which allows various preamp and poweramp designs to share a common resusable power supply.

    The Tone Brewery is intended to make it easier than ever for beginners and pros alike to build tube amps. Trying out ideas and exchanging circuits with friends is easier and faster than ever. Build a new amp in an evening instead of a week!

    The initial schematic for the Power Supply Module (PSM) is included, with sample preamp (IFM) and poweramp (PAM) schems coming shortly. Check out Pauls excellent pages below for immediate info. Please read the whitepaper for more details on what the Tone Brewery is.


  • Reusable power supply with two semi-variable supplies
  • Standardized chassis sizes and connectors make swapping modules easy (even with other builders!)
  • Intended to support nearly-infinite variety of poweramp or preamp modules.
  • Ease of experimentation due to modularity
  • Try out new ideas FAST.
  • Initial design group: Chris Hurley, Paul Ruby, Les Thornton, Anthony Noel

  • Project Coordinator: Chris Hurley --- Skill Level: Intermediate --- Status: Ready for semi-experienced builders.
    Main Schematics:
    SCHEMATIC- 6/27/01 PSM Schematic for the Tone Brewery
    Variation Schematics:
    FILE- Read the Tone Brewery Whitepaper (updated 6/27/01)
    Links: Paul Ruby's Tone Brewery pages(and more)
    House of Jim- Has board layouts on lots of AX84 Projects and more

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