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  • Chihuahua Project News
    Posted By system
    (on 10/26/2000 @ 18:08)
    New File posted (Chihuahua):
    Description :10/26/00 Chihuahua Schematic
    Posted By system
    (on 10/26/2000 @ 18:06)
    New File posted (Chihuahua):
    Description :10/26/00 Chihuahua Layout
    Posted By system
    (on 10/20/2000 @ 10:29)
    New File posted (Chihuahua):
    Description :10/20/00 Board Layout Update



    The Chihuahua takes the classic plexi tone and shrinks it. Volume is reduced as compared to a November and only three tubes are used. Remember... The Chihuahua is known throughout the world for its fierce temper and ill demeanor despite is small size. :)


  • Features a three-stage preamp using only one tube
  • A pair of 6BM8 Output Tubes supply the phase-splitter triodes and output pentodes
  • Class AB1 Output Section for ~10 Watts of Output
  • Tiny Plexi Tone
  • Warning: This amp design is not extensively tested and not widely built. Feel free to build it, but don't be surprised if there isn't a ton of help available

    Project Coordinator: Les Thornton --- Skill Level: intermediate --- Status: ready for testing
    Main Schematics:
    SCHEMATIC- 10/26/00 Chihuahua Board Layout
    SCHEMATIC- 10/26/00 Chihuahua Schematic
    Variation Schematics:
    House of Jim- Has board layouts on lots of AX84 Projects and more

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