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  • Tube Fuzz/Wah Project News
    Posted By system
    (on 10/01/2000 @ 16:53)
    New File posted (Tube Fuzz/Wah):
    Description :Chris Hurley's audio clip of the prototype fuzz/wah borrowed from Eric Barbour

    Tube Fuzz/Wah

    This project was provided by Eric Barbour of Svetlana Electron Devices. As opposed to the solid-state sound of all commercial wah pedals, Eric describes this unit as having a fat, buttery tone.

    Eric was kind enough to send one of these devices to Chris Hurley for evaluation. After spending a bit of time, Chris comments: "In terms of Fuzz, this is quite a lively little beast. It can not only generate a thick fuzz internally, but also drive the front end of your existing amp into saturation as well. The Wah portion is interesting and can achieve numerous different sounds by varying the gain control. I'd like to see a seperate project based on the EF86 fuzz, since this device has a bit more mechanical construction than some might be accustomed to."

    Status: Ready to Build
    Main Schematics:
    SCHEMATIC- Eric Barbour's Fuzz Wah Schematic
    Variation Schematics:
    MP3 AUDIO- Chris Hurley's audio clip of the prototype fuzz/wah borrowed from Eric Barbour
    House of Jim- Has board layouts on lots of AX84 Projects and more

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