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    Posted By system
    (on 01/30/2002 @ 14:55)
    New File posted (AX84 P1):
    Description :Nick Greer's P1 outside
    Posted By system
    (on 01/30/2002 @ 14:54)
    New File posted (AX84 P1):
    Description :Nick Greer's P1 innards
    Posted By system
    (on 01/30/2002 @ 14:53)
    New File posted (AX84 P1):
    Description :Some P1 Audio from Nick Greer
    Posted By system
    (on 01/30/2002 @ 14:49)
    New File posted (November):
    Description :A 6v6 Take on the November idea from Mark Huss
    Posted By system
    (on 10/26/2001 @ 20:15)
    New File posted (AX84 P1):
    Description :Chris built something similar to Winnie's Clean P1 variant for a gent with a 6l6. This was recorded by the condenser mic in a Zoom PS-02 with reverb added at that point.


    Official AX84 Sites

    Valuable DIY Links

  • Aiken Amplification - Many excellent articles on DIY amp topics in the Tech Info section. Also sells a variety of parts.
  • Ampage - An Amp and FX builders paradise. Find schematics, pinouts and other resources here. Contains forums on guitar amps, guitars and music electronics.
  • The Blue Guitar Page - Steve Ahola's great resource page with lots of schematics and technical information about amps, guitars, etc...
  • Cranked Amp Tone - Cybermonk's quest for information about cranked amp tone, often at low volumes. Lots of info about lots of different gear. Possible ideas for DIY projects in there...
  • AMZ - The Analog Music Zone features a wide range of schematics for guitar effects, electronic circuits as well as tips and techniques.
  • Duncan Amplification - A great site with links to tons of schematics, a huge tube data search engine, and some good articles. Plenty of Spice models for circuit simulation and a handy power supply design program.
  • Fender Amp Field Guide - A huge site with descriptions, pictures, schematics and layouts for older Fender amps. A good source for amp design ideas.
  • GEO - The Guitar Effects Oriented website. RG Keen's great guitar effects site. The home of the Tube Amp FAQ and the Tube Amp Debugging Page. Tons of effects info.
  • Obsolete Electronics - Interesting site with schematics, data sheets, tech info and high-quality replacement transformers, some of which feature the magic touch of Stephen Delft. :)
  • Svetlana Electron Devices - Manufacturer of high-quality electron tubes including the EL34, SV83, 6BM8, EF86 and more. Great folks. (use this site for datasheets and other info, order from a stocking distributor)

  • Parts Vendors

    Please note that these links do not constitute an endorsement of any kind
    • Antique Electronic Supply - Large selection of tube amp supplies.
    • Angela Electronics - Hammond transformers, chassis, tubes and much more.
    • Clark Parts - The parts division of Clark Amplification has lots of goodies for tube amp construction and repair
    • Hoffman Amplifiers - Vintage guitar tube amplifier parts and tube amp building supplies.
    • STF Electronics - Hammond transformers, chassis, tubes, miscellaneous guitar amp parts, kits.
    • Triode Electronics - Quality tubes at reasonable prices, miscellaneous tube amp parts.
    • WeberVST - Manufacturer of vintage style loudspeakers and other products for the vintage equipment enthusiast. Technical information and discussion forums on tube amp topics.
    • Digi-Key and Mouser Electronics - General electronics parts; resistors, caps, switches, pots, etc. Downloadable catalog, online ordering.

    If you would like your site listed on this page, please notify the adminstrator via email.

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